Feb.14th.2023 - MS Patch Tuesday
Do your MS Windows updates !
The February patch is addressing 75 vulnerabilities with 9 critical level.
Details at Tenable

Tax season - be Scam Smart - CRA never sends refunds by text message!

CRA short scam awarness video

MS Windows 8.1 - R.I.P. - after Jan.10.2023 no more security updates.

From Microsoft: "January 31, 2023 will be the last day this Windows 10 download is offered for sale. Windows 10 will remain supported with security updates that help protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malware until October 14, 2025" - Win 10 Home+Pro is on the way out!

Before clicking on that little, short, tempting link, take a moment to hover your mouse over it. Copy it and check if it's really safe. See what's really behind it at
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